Camp Counselor


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The Work

In order to help Albertan's find the perfect campground, I created the concept, identity and website for Camp Counselor. It uses member's ratings and reviews to rank and suggest campgrounds.

The Process

  • Site audits on other consumer rating sites
  • Target audience Interviews
  • Sketches, wireframes and mockups
  • Low fidelity paper prototyping
  • User testing

Designing this website involved a lot of research and testing in order to make sure it was easy to navigate and included relevant features. I interviewed members of my target audience to find out how they currently used consumer rating websites and what types of improvements that they would like to see.


Camp Counselor helped me explore the mapping of a website with a large structure and many pages. The focus fell on user testing and finding out what features made sense and were easy to navigate and which ones needed to be rethought.