Terwillegar Rec Center Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Terwillegar Website


This redesign's purpose was to take a page of the existing City of Edmonton's website and create a microsite out of it. The site was designed within the browser and then implemented as a wordpress theme template.

The Process

In order to collect data which would help me make smart decisions as to the layout and aesthetics of this site, I conducted interviews with members of different demographics within the audience that I was trying to target. Analyzing their answers and concerns gave me a lot to work with. This particular site began with a wireframe which I then created a responsive framework for. Once I had chosen a color pallete, visuals and typefaces I then applied the styles on top of the wireframe.


The process of making this website was a huge learning experience. I found out the flow behind designing within the browser and how to implement stylistic elements afterward. I also found out a lot about php and creating templates for content management systems like Wordpress.